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Screenshosts of Bombergrounds
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
Description of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Enjoy Battle Royale like never before in this retro-inspired action game!


In this cute yet deadly world, animals are fighting over their chance to reign over the land! However, only one animal may rule them all... Experience this chaotic, fast-paced, and action-packed world by placing down bombs, blowing up crates, opening treasure chests, collecting power-ups, avoiding traps, and eliminating your opponents while trying to remain the last one standing. Do you have what it takes to become the leader of this land?


- Place down bombs to blow up crates and open treasure chests
- Gather power-ups to become bigger, faster, stronger
- Kick the bombs by swinging your bat to send them flying toward your opponents
- Swing you bat at other players to stun them, or charge up your swing to insta-KO them!
- Max out on power and roam the map to create mass destruction and become the kill - leader!
- Be the last one standing for that sweet Victory Royale


- Up to 25 people per match
- A large map with traps that shrinks over time
- Friends list and chat
- Team up as 3 players to assure you all get placed in the same match
- Customize your character, bombs, and kicking bat - with more to come every season!
- Ranking system and a leaderboard to show off your skill level
- Mobile, controller, and cross-platform support

Version history Bombergrounds: Battle Royale
New in Bombergrounds 0.9.2
New features:
- Candy Map (version 2) - the old Candy Map has been removed.
- Beach Map & Beach Soundtrack.
- Welcome Package (new player offer within 48 hours of registration)

Resolved issues:
- Stuck in queue bug (required a restart)
- A lot small bugs
New in Bombergrounds 0.9.1
Small patch fixing bugs reported in v.0.9.0
New in Bombergrounds 0.8.9
Lobby Chat
Talk to your party members and find new friends!

Lobby Emojis
Make use of your cute emojis you've collected, even in the lobby.

Reward Prize Wheel (Mobile)
Watch an ad to get up to 4x Daily Prizes such as Gems, Gold and Experience! You can win up to 25 Gems, 300 Gold and 4000 Experience per spin.

Better Graphics Quality for All Devices
Settings: Low/Med/High

.. and more! :)
New in Bombergrounds 0.8.8
- Nerfed bat swing range
- Updated bomb hit direction logic
- Added feedback notifications for purchases

- Fixed matchmaking disconnection bugs
- Fixed crashes after updating to a new version
- Fixed lag issues on-hit with the bat
- Fixed being stuck on blue screen on startup (can't log in)
- Fixed being stuck on blue screen after switching accounts

- Optimized pinging regions
New in Bombergrounds 0.8.7
New features:
- Battle Pass: Season 1 (30 reward tiers!)
- Artist Lootbox (45 new items!)
- New Map! "Candy Land" + soundtrack

- Water bomb issue
- Displaced bombs issue
- Players walking through walls (lag)
.. and much more!

- Changed bomb-pooling to avoid in-game FPS hiccups
- General performance changes
New in Bombergrounds 0.8.6
Added regions: SEA (South East Asia) & Latin America (Sao Paolo)
Added Gigantic Duck login option on registration
Added streamer settings
Fixed coins not updating after level 50
Fixed disconnect loop when reconnecting bug
Added fixed joystick setting
Fixed Picnic Bear texture
Added dynamic region support
Added text feedback about current queue region
Fixed stats bug, showing Level 50 and 11:11
Added automated Gigantic Duck login on start when not using guest login
+ more
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